#1:  You get what you pay for!

Many couples spend 10-20% of their wedding budget on entertainment, but 80% of what your guests remember is whether or not it was a fun party.

#2:  Do your homework!

There are a TON of choices.  Everyone offers up something a little different.  Ask a lot of questions.  Don’t be afraid to ask for references or reviews from previous customers.

#3:  Who will be your DJ?  No, really!

Beware of the “bait & switch”.  Many brides and grooms don’t even meet their DJ until the night of the party!  When you hire someone, make sure you know who will actually be your DJ.

#4:  What’s all included?

Gold, silver, platinum.  Dream, fantasy, fairytale… what’s the difference?  Many mobile DJs charge extra for things like cocktail and/or dinner music, lights, travel, etc.  Again, do your homework!